Wednesday, October 15, 2008

puppy update

Maggie's cracking us up with the ways she likes to relax. Her favorite place to sleep is squeezed between the couch and the end table in the family room. She's doing fairly well with getting used to her crate, and sleeping better at night (she has slept up to 5 hours twice now...I'll be extremely glad when these nighttime potty outings are over!), and getting better with the housebreaking, though she has a ways to go. In fact, I'm not sure who's doing better with it, her or us. We try to stay on top of getting her out pretty regularly and watching her like a hawk, and taking her food away about 2 hours before she's going to need to go in her crate. The chewing thing though...oy! She has periods where she is like a crazed maniac, biting absolutely EVERYTHING (including us)!! That's getting old. We're trying the spraying her with the water Zo, but we aren't sure if she might actually be liking that! Anyway, it seems so ridiculous to be spending this much time on an animal, but I have to say, it's been really good for the kids to have to be stepping up so much with following through on the responsibility. (That's what I choose to focus on every time Todd & I say "Why did we do this again?") :0) It's good she's so cute (and just loves to be held and snuggled...)

loving to be held to snooze
sleeping squeezed in her little spot


Zoanna said...

She's so cute and curvy! When you squirt her, make sure it's more like a shot, not a mist, take her by the jowls and "get mean" in her face (even though you might not feel like it) and say, "Bad dog. No bite!" She'll learn. Retrievers are people pleasers. Do you have enough chew toys for her? She needs to stay busy orally, breaking in those sharp, sharp puppy teeth and active mind! I'm jealous. I want a puppy:).

Laura said...

She's so cute- she looks like a stuffed animal.