Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  1. Having at least a good portion of my school materials and computer; heard of folks in my charter school who have still not received ANYTHING!
  2. Freedom to vote and elect our officials
  3. People who know me - and love me anyway!
  4. My sister getting her house in mere DAYS!!!!!
  5. Tomorrow being Friday!!
  6. My hubby's jobs -stretching as they might be.
  7. Having had a good dad for 33 years.
  8. Lukey doing amazingly well at entertaining himself during school time.
  9. My kids 'owning' their faith - choosing of their own free will to participate in prayer meeting tonight, and commenting about looking forward to our small group study next week (Seth).
  10. Iced tea (I'm tired, gimme a break...) ;o)

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