Wednesday, September 3, 2008

creating quite a stir

I am rather amazed by some of the attacks/accusations being leveled at Sarah Palin. Admittedly, at first I was hesitant myself about her ability to serve as VP, but NOT because she's a woman, NOT because she's a mother, and NOT because she's being investigated. I was somewhat concerned at first about her experience, but learning the things she's accomplished in her political career thus far has more than put that issue to rest for me. However some of this blows me away:
  • The whole "investigation" scandal - anyone who cares to take 5 minutes to research it online a bit can find, as I did, that this cop was truly corrupt, and should have been removed...he TASERED his own stepson, among other things (as proven by the 482 page investigation on him). Being family would have certainly given the Palin's an inside perspective on this corrupt policeman, but all of this happened over a year before she was even governor. Last time I checked, having corrupt officers or other public servants removed isn't an abuse of's a wise use of it.
  • Her daughter is pregnant, but getting married and keeping the baby. People are trying to use this to say she doesn't really have family values I guess? Seems to me that she, as much as anyone, would have stances on family value issues that have been tried by the fires of the crucible, and she didn't flip flop in order to give herself an 'out'. Most other politicians form opinions and take their stands on suppositions; Palin's living her convictions...even when it's hard to do so.
  • People are apparently commenting on her appearance. Some folks are upset about people making comments about her being "hot" and saying they're glad to finally have a candidate that wears skirts instead of pantsuits. Here's my take. Yes, it's completely inappropriate and disrespectful to be referring to her as "hot"; she's running for the office of Vice President of the U.S. - not Miss September. It's rude, and definitely would not be happening to male candidates. However, the skirt comment might be conveying something different than prejudice , in my opinion. I think that people might simply be appreciative of a strong, capable woman to can be comfortable enough with her God-given identity as a woman to be able to lead while maintaining her femininity. It's not a shameful thing to acknowledge that men and women are NOT the same. Equality doesn't mean sameness. I love the fact that Sarah Palin is a woman who does her hair and wears a skirt and leads and gets the job done.
  • Finally, the whole "should she be running for VP when she has kids..." discussion... Yeah, there's not enough time or space for me to get into that, and I gotta get to bed.
So, suffice it to say, I like her. I thought she did a great job with her speech tonight. Looking forward to seeing her hold her own in a debate with Biden. Go, Sarah.

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