Monday, August 11, 2008

a bus sar, sar away

I wish I could capture the way Lukey talks right now and save it so I can pull it out in 5 years and remember his utter adorableness. Tonight Todd was out riding bike with the boys on the road, so Lukey had to stay in the yard and/or watch them from the sidewalk. He must've gotten bored with it and started to be a gentleman and bring me at a time. He can't reach the doorhandle, so with each new flower I'd hear "Mom!! Can you open the door? I have a slower for you!" **as in flower with an 's' sound replacing the 'f' sound** One time, I guess because I took too long getting to the door one time he said "It's a disserent flower...a big one!" It was actually a bright yellow leaf, which he informed me
"I got it off a bus."
I said, "A bus?"
"No!" he tried again... "Dat big bus over there..." (The pointing helped...)
"OH! You got it off the bush?"
"Uh-huh!" he replied proudly.
Then I asked him where his dad and brothers were to which he said
"Dey's riding deir bikes...on da road...dey's sar, sar away; we can't see dem."

I could just eat him up! He really drove me absolutely batty today, but that 5 minutes of cuteness almost made up for it!!


Bets said...

We love it! I read it to Joe with the best Lukey "accent" I could manage, but it didn't do it justice - you should get Kate to tape him!

Laura said...

sometimes I talk in the lukey accent... just for "sun".