Saturday, July 26, 2008

we did it!!

Well, we didn't really have time to get too many great shots of the wedding flowers we did for today, but we are supposed to be getting some from the wedding coordinator and/or bride. But here's an overview of what we did:
And here's what we did with the leftovers when we cleaned up tonight. (We did all these arrangements really quickly - like 20 minutes - and each kept one for ourselves and gave one to my mom and sister, who so graciously took all our kids to a family reunion that we were sad to have to miss today.)

Overall, I would say that our first 'official' job went EXTREMELY well... only a few tense moments, (let's just say we've learned a lot about what we'll do - or NOT do - in the future...and we want to go on record saying we HATE wrist corsages. Well, they're pretty and all - just a royal pain in the butt to make!!). It was a Mexican wedding, so we did lots of bright colors - zinnias, sunflowers, gladiolas, rudebeckia, coneflowers, peruvian lilies...just to name a few!!

We also did 14 arrangements for a baby shower yesterday. A good friend of ours is pregnant, and while we couldn't make the shower because of the job, we still wanted to do something special, so we did the table centerpieces. (Another learning experience...probably not a great idea to book 2 jobs in one weekend...). But it still wasn't too bad. Laura and Kaitlyn were a HUGE help!

And I gotta say, while it was really nice and much easier to work kid-free today, ALL 8 of our children were all very well behaved and helpful yesterday...I'm blessed to have such awesome kids (and nieces!!).


Briana Almengor said...

WOW...Glad your first job went well. I can imagine it's a bit stressful. YIKES. The bouquets look beautiful, in season fresh flowers.

Zoanna said...

Jessi, the arrangements are all so gorgeous! In my dreams I'm a florist--maybe someday for real. I love the composition of your zinnia arrangement (the picture second to last) and the blue/yellow combo. You all have been blessed with talent (and stamina). I'd love to hear more specifics of what you've learned (to do and not do) from this first wedding experience.

Holly said...

TOTALLY beautiful! You guys are so talented! Thanks for the pictures!! I

Anonymous said...