Wednesday, June 18, 2008

summer of accomplishment

I was thinking today about all that I feel like I am accomplishing this summer already, and decided in my mind to dub this the "Summer of Accomplishment". By this, I am referring to all kinds of accomplishments...around the house, personal goals, spiritual goals and stuff related to my kids, etc.

For instance, with Kate being gone, I've realized how overly protective I tend to be with the boys...not so much Bryce, but the younger two. I've had to think about the things I am letting (or, accurately, NOT letting them do), and if they are age-appropriate or if I'm simply not letting them 'stretch their wings' so to speak. I'm talking about things like riding their bikes down the street, as opposed to in the driveway, cross the road in front of our house (NOT Luke, of course), play with neighbors out of my sight or earshot, etc. I realized two things: #1 - I'm probably a little too dependent on Kaitlyn, and #2 - My boys are growing up and I need to give them room to do so!! It can be so hard though! But I've been trying... and I'm also seeing them step up to increased responsibility, especially as it relates to watching out for Lukey. Here's a pic of Seth walking Lukey down the sidewalk alone (only allowed to go as far as I can still see them from our front yard), and also Seth explaining some great discovery to Luke that they had made under the tree. It was precious to watch.

Also, I'm getting tons done around the house, which feels sooo good. Some big things, but also some random small things that just always get pushed off because they just don't take priority in the busyness that is the school year.

I'm also loving the chance to read simply for enjoyment...and even though what I'm reading is fiction, God has been speaking so much to my heart through the stories. It's an excellent trilogy by Ted Dekker...the titles are Black, Red and White. (I'd recommend them to anyone, but the type of stories they are would be along the lines of the Narnia or Lord of the Rings style, so if you don't enjoy them, these might not be as big of a hit with you as they are with me.) I just started the first book at the beginning of last week, and I am now in the third book...

I love summer.

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zoanna said...

You and I once again seem to have much in common. I hadn't gone so far as to dub this the Summer of Accomplishment, but I've been getting a lot of things done, reading fiction for pleasure, and examining how to let my kids spread their wings more. I won't go into detail here, but it takes couraqe and trust and wisdom no matter what age they are.