Thursday, June 19, 2008


My self-esteem took a small battering last night from the men in my household. (Keep in mind, I've been without Kaitlyn, and alone with these testosterone-laden beings for nigh unto 2 weeks now). When Todd got home I was wearing work-out pants (not sweats!) and a shirt, but I was freezing, as the temps have been deliciously lower during the day, but a bit chilly for me as we got into the evening. We were getting ready to head out to small group, and I knew it was only going to be us and one other couple who we've been very close friends with for many years, (and they've certainly seen me looking worse than I did), so I wasn't going to bother changing. In fact, on the way out the door I grabbed my cozy belted sweater, thinking I would be just so cozy in my comfy clothes. Then I came out of the bedroom, and Todd took one look at me and said "Are you going to wear that???" A bit indignant I replied, "Well, I was..." To which he answered "It's just that...well, you look like someone who's completely given up on life." NICE!! Obviously, I went and changed (well, just lost the big sweater and and donned instead a zip-up hoody...more in keeping with the rest of my clothes I guess).

After just reeling from that blow, I got in the car and Luke (who is only 3, mind you) gently says:


I turned to face him, "Yes, Lukey?"

"Are you wearing any makeup?"

GEEZ!! (No, I wasn't wearing any make up; can't a body just be herself anymore???) I said to Todd, "Man, you guys are brutal!" He laughed and said (I suppose his way of trying to recover by giving a compliment) "Well, it's just that you've set such a high standard for us!"



Laura said...

ha! haha! Thats funny- guys say the darnest things.

Holly said...

LOL poor Jess! I can only imagine what a whole house full of men is like! At least I'll have Avery to help balance things out!!

It was nice of Todd to try and "make it better" with the high standards remark!

Hang in there Cuz, and know that you’re not the only woman who on a summer day who is just being herself!

I haven't worn makeup for almost 2 weeks now - except Sunday of course! :-)