Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pray with me...

My sister, Betsy, has been an amazing inspiration to me over the past year. They have been in the process of trying to build a house on land that they've own for a few years and have lived in a trailer on that land, with 4 small girls. (The trailer, by the way, is now falling apart, and by anyone's standards, basically unliveable. I can't begin to express the urgency of the need for them to have a solid home on a solid foundation, that they do not have to share with mice or any other critters!!) They have a limited income as they work with together with my brother-in-law's uncle in a family greenhouse business, pouring blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally) into the wonderful business that is widely known for not only their great plants and excellent customer service but also has been a place of ministry and Godly testimony to many people over the years. Because of the agricultural nature of the business, they were able to qualify for an mortgage through a government program through the Department of Agriculture (I believe) that has an amazingly low (1%) interest rate. However, as is often the case, dealing with government agencies has meant TONS of red tape, and - in my admittedly jaded opinion - a level of incompetence. (I know that doesn't sound particularly thankful or patriotic, but unfortunately, it has been my personal experience). (The worker admitted to them up front that she had never dealt with a situation like theirs before and so it would probably take a while simply because she didn't know what she was doing...). They began the process well over a year ago and have been seemingly strung along, ignored, stalled, and had their hopes raised and dashed what feels like countless times (and if it feels like that to me, how much more intensely to them!).

Yet, amazingly they have never lost faith. Of course, not faith in the government, but rather, faith in knowing that their loving heavenly Father has good plans in mind for them, and perfect timing as well. They have kept their eyes fixed on God, and so many times, when I and many others might have had a spiritual 'temper tantrum' or arrogantly accused God of forsaking and forgetting us, they have remained quietly steadfast in knowing God's sovereignty.

But one of the main reasons for my post is actually to ask you to please PRAY with us tomorrow (Wednesday) about their situation. They are meeting with the agency worker at their property, who, by all estimations should be able to finalize much of this process and really 'get the show on the road', so to speak. Note the word should. When I spoke to Bets today, she said that according to their understanding they have done everything necessary and required and cannot see any reason why this shouldn't be able to be finalized at the meeting...but any rational thinking hasn't seemed to matter to a hill of beans so far in this process. So, we are coming back to the fact that we are all in God's hands, this situation being no different. We are asking that God would orchestrate every necessary detail to see this process finalized and have them in a house in a matter of weeks. (The house is a pre-fab, so once the mortgage goes through, Joe will do the foundation while the house is being built and in approximately 5 weeks - voile! All the details for the actual house have been finalized for some time now and the builders are just waiting for the go-ahead).

Would you please pray with me that the Glick family can soon be in their home and using that home, as they always have their current one, to the glory of God. Thanks.

(My sis and her gorgeous family...thought you might like to see who we're praying for!)


Bets said...

I cried reading this. So often I don't feel like I've been patient and trusting, and I really do want to throw a hissy fit... but I am continually reminded just how faithful the Lord has been to us, and how can I not just be thankful. Thank you for your faithful prayers - I'll let ya know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for the Glick family too Jessi. I pray for them anyway because I love them. Jimmy DeWan