Monday, March 17, 2008

winner #3

Well, my friend RIG (random integer generator) tells me that entry #4 is the winner...and that would be my dear Aunt Linda! She lives all the way down in Georgia (say that with a long southern drawl...). And the colorful prize? She will have a plethora of beautiful daylilies to choose from with her gift certificate from Manatawny Creek Farm!! (If it would have been someone local, your gift certificate would have been from Glick's Greenhouse, but since it needs to be shipped, we're hopping across the street to the other Glick brother, Tim and his wife Michelle...) Sorry, that's why I didn't say specifically the prize - because it depended on the location of the winner!!

Congrats Auntie Linda!! I'll e-mail you soon with the details!


Aunt Linda said...

THANK YOU!!! I am SO excited!!! I have the perfect spot just waiting to have another day lily planted beside some that Bets & Joe had sent me a couple years ago!! I'll e mail you a picture when I get it & it's in the ground.

This giveaway idea is such a lovely one! Bless you for thinking of & doing it!

Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jessi, yet ANOTHER thing in common. I have an Aunt Linda who is a greenthumb! (I also have an aunt who lives in Georgia, but her name is Elaine.)