Monday, March 17, 2008

recipe for my perfect day

  • A day (not just a few hours...a full, no-time-limit kind of day)
  • A babysitter who is ecstatic about the opportunity to spend quality time with my precious children (this ingredient may be difficult to find)
  • A best friend (sisters work great; occasionally a husband might fit the bill, but not all are suited for use in this recipe)
  • At least 100 bucks (gift cards are a great substitution!)
  • Food out (lots of options - could be a meal or just tea/coffee or dessert)
  • Movie (optional garnish)

Mix and enjoy!!

Oh, yeah...I could totally go for one of those... (**she says dreamily, in a "Calgon-take-me-away" tone of voice...**)


Laura said...

my recipe:

A warm, breezey june day

A bunch of friends

A grill with food on it (make sure the men are taking care of the grill)

plenty of iced tea and picnic food

Hold the "to-do" list (these add a bitter taste to perfect days, rendering them imperfect)

A game of settlers

Top it off with a sangria

Bets said...

You come up with the rest of the ingredients and I'll provide item #3! I'm totally in need of one of those days.

Kristine said...

I'm totally with you. And I agree #2 is always hard to find!