Thursday, March 6, 2008


This, my friends, is a sight I rarely see. It is the sunrise out my diningroom window. I am typically not a morning person. In fact, quite the opposite. I would much rather work til 2 a.m., and then sleep in til 10. But with kids, that's pretty much not workable. However, I still tend to work til midnight or after and then be a bear in the morning when my children all awaken and drag me out of bed. It's really not the best start to a day for any of us.

So even though I have tons of things that I want to work on after the quiet of bedtime settles over the Clemmer house, I've made myself go to bed the past 2 nights by 11 p.m., and this morning, when my hubby prayed with me before he left for work at 6:15 (as he always does, I'm just rarely coherent for it...) I actually woke up and got up! Amazing.

I will admit that I am still very tired, and would like to go curl up in my bed again, but am pretty sure that if I can get going before the kids, it will set a better tone for the day, and get them moving and getting school done earlier, etc. I know I've even said this before...I just have trouble sticking to it! (And I'm not making any commitments here saying that I'm even going to try!) :)

I'm just saying...I'm enjoying this morning, the quiet of house, my cup of English Breakfast Tea, and the sunrise.


Laura said...

haha, that is funny, cause guess who went back to sleep after her husband left this morning... yes, that would be me!!

Aunt Linda said...

I wish I was there to have a quiet cup of tea with you! I miss my daughters, but I miss my nieces too!!!