Thursday, March 6, 2008

I oughta get paid for this...

Just wanted to share with you a couple of products that I've found that I absolutely LOVE.

First of all, I may have said it before, but Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are just that...magic!! I have yet to come across something it cannot remove. I've had both tea and grape juice stains on my white kitchen counter tops...gone! I thought that ground in dirt and skid marks had forever ruined my linoleum in the family room kitchen area. Last week Kate & I each took an eraser in hand, did the whole floor, and it's like brand new!!

Secondly, I discovered Neosporin Lip Therapy, and thankfully I did so before we were sick. I had bought it a month or two ago when Seth's entire mouth was red all around because he kept licking his lips and had them completely chapped. It worked great on healing it right up, and without any burning that medicated chapstick has (a big complaint I hear from little ones with sore lips..."It burns, Mom!") Then, when we were sick, it was a lifesaver... you know how when you're all congested you can't breathe through your nose, so all night you are sucking in air through your mouth, and when you awaken and smile at your loved ones, your lips crack right open and begin to bleed?? Yeah, well... that didn't happen this time because I used the Lip Therapy before I went to bed! I woke the next morning with soft, movable lips. (I had also rubbed some on my sore-from-constant-blowing nose and upper lip and it took care of that too!) Good stuff, I tell ya...

And lastly, this product isn't life changing, but I'm really enjoying it. It's a new scent of room spray from Glade - "White Tea & Lily". I know, you're thinking "Bathroom spray? Really?" But yes, I just must tell you how much I love this scent! I'm not a big floral scent person - other than a lilac candle I burn only in spring, I pretty much stay away from flowery smells. But this one is unique - not overpowering - and I love it. And I just saw yesterday at Wal-Mart that they have in a 'Plug-In' room scenter as well. (Of course, they were all sold out, so as of yet, I do not have one). But I plan on getting one, because that is how much I love this smell! This is how Glade describes their fragrance.
Clear summer night. Smooth touch of the lily leaf. Steam escaping from the freshly brewed pot of tea. All captured in this soothing fragrance that gently fills your home with a fresh floral elegance. makes me happy.

So, though I am not getting paid for such blatent advertising of these products, I thought I'd go ahead and plug them anyway, because they are just that good.

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Laura said...

you are such a commercial :)