Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring rejoicing

So, last night I asked if you knew what today would be...and actually, I meant that it was KAITLYN's birthday! My beautiful firstborn is 12 years old today! I can't believe it was that many years ago; it seems like it was only yesterday when I was trying to get pregnant, and a bit frustrated as it was not happening as quickly as I had hoped. One day, during my devotions, I read something that said "your joy will come in the spring...". Immediately, it was like an arrow to my heart; I felt sure this was God's word to me. I told Todd "I am sure this was from God. We're going to get pregnant in the spring!!" Well, spring came and went, and it wasn't til mid-summer that we found out we were expecting our first child. I assumed I must've just missed it as far as hearing from God, and life went on. Several months later, after the birth of our precious daughter, Todd had a realization the day we were getting ready to leave the hospital. He said to me "Remember when you felt like God told you our joy would come in the spring?!? Kaitlyn was born the first day of spring!" God is so amazing, and he has given us the most amazing blessing in our daughter. She is responsible beyond her years, and always an amazing help to me. In the past few months she's started transforming into an almost-teenager right before our eyes!! Her looks are changing, her tastes are changing...and frankly, I'm beginning to enjoy her more (from the age of about 9 to around the beginning of her 11th year, it could be somewhat touchy between the two women of our household, but I think we are learning to deal with each other and keep open communication much better. I certainly can't imagine how my mom did it with 3 of us, or - God bless her - my sister who has 4 lovely ladies (in addition to herself) sharing a home!!).

So yes, I did welcome spring with much excitement today, not only for the promise of warmer days ahead, but also for my blossoming young lady.

(On a side-note - here's how my kiddos welcomed the new season - kite flying!! How appropriate!)


Anonymous said...
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Bets said...

JEss, I still get goosebumps when I read about your joy coming in the spring! Your lovely 12 year old is a blessing to us all. And yes, God HAS blessed me with my 4 girlies, but I more often say, "God HELP me!" hehe. By the way - you gotta check out my post from today!

Laura said...

I can't imagine the Clemmers without Kate!! I love that girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears. I love it when God zooms His word right to our hearts. Even when we think we've misheard Him, or it takes seemingly forever to realize it, or we outright forget it, He brings it back to our memory at just the right time. I am so happy for you. Daughters are priceless! (So are sons, they're just different, right?)