Monday, March 3, 2008

not so bad

Monday morning isn't turning out to be so bad!

I got up (not quite as early as I wanted, but earlier than normal), and got the house cleaned up. It's not spotless, but I would say it's pretty good for a house where 4 children reside! (Plus, Todd's probably right that the guy really isn't going to care anyway!) It's now 10:40, and he isn't here yet; but the house is all tidy, including the kids rooms (beds made and all) and the kids are all busily doing their schoolwork. The semi-warm weather is beckoning them, which provides extra incentive to get their stuff done; today I told them if they get half their subjects done they can go out and play for a while and finish the rest later in the afternoon.

As far as jury duty - my dear friends have come to my rescue and offered to keep the kids for me should I get called. That's at least half the load off my mind...though I still am praying to not get called at all so I don't have to drive into the 'big city'!!

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