Monday, March 3, 2008

jump in on the fun!!

I'm rather surprised that more people haven't jumped in on the giveaway...maybe they just haven't hit the blog yet...maybe it will take a while to catch on...or maybe they aren't sure if they want what I'm giving! So, I'm thinking I should at least give some clues what to expect...

The tasty prize this week will include an assortment of tea/coffee, gourmet chocolates, and trail mixes. There might be a few additional items, but I want to keep at least a little bit of it a surprise!!

C'mon folks - only a little more than 5 hours to go!!

1 comment:

Aunt Linda said...

I"m here, and I read your blogs EVERY day!! Usually I just e mail you what I want to say, rather than post in answer to your blogs. I do love that you blog! It keeps me in touch with "home"!

Love ya!