Friday, March 14, 2008

mystery sleepover

I probably shouldn't be blogging because I still have lots to do for Kate's b-day party tonight. But I'm really happy with how it's coming together and wanted to 'clue' you all in on what we're doing. It's a 'mystery sleepover', and Bets (who was the real mastermind behind it) and I have put a lot of work into the elaborate plans. I think the girls will really love it. We've planned an elaborate mystery for them to solve which begins as a scavenger hunt to find pieces of evidence, including decoding messages written in Morse Code, invisible ink and number code; a 13 page book of suspect files, including criminals such as Eva LaDrool and Joe Smith, the gardener; and they will have to question suspects and witnesses, including the Countess LauraLynn Johnston and Angelina Fizzly, Duchess of Berlinville! (All friends and family that have helped us by getting in on the act...) The head detectives are Jess 'The Eye' Clemson and Bess 'The Enforcer' Glickson. Each of the girls will receive Junior Agent badges, and detective kits, and will end up solving the "Mystery of the Unsigned Postcard' and retrieving the stolen jewels! After we get back (the mystery will involve driving the girls around to interview different 'suspects') and the mystery is solved, they'll get ready for bed and watch the new Nancy Drew movie (which just came out this week!), which I'm sure will also involve lots of giggling and munchies! (And for any Nancy Drew fans out there, we will be snacking on homemade blonde brownies and lemon bars...) Sounds like the perfect 12-year-old night to me!! I'm so excited - probably as excited as she is! I'm sure I'll have a few pics to post tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Have fun. Love you. Jimmy DeWan

Laura said...

you two are something else... the creativity is awesome!!! see you in a bit.
-countess lauralynn

Lilith Silvermane said...

Have tons of fun!
What a cool mom you are to make a party that they will all remember forever!

Good luck!

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