Thursday, March 20, 2008


  1. Christ's Passion - in every sense
  2. Treasured friends (see post below)
  3. My beautiful daughter and her 12 years of life (see post below the post below...)
  4. My hubby, who cared enough to ask to see the pics of my dress up day, and told me how good I looked (read: made MAJOR points...)
  5. Bryce starting Little League this week - and is doing well and very excited about it
  6. Malted-Milk Easter Eggs (I've eated waaaay too many this week!)
  7. My hubby having the day off tomorrow
  8. Seth loving school and being my most eager to learn, teachable child (at least for the time being!)
  9. Luke's amazingly adorable curls
  10. Great prayer time invigorating

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