Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend

So here's my Easter weekend in pics. No time to post anything more than this right now, but hope to soon.

Father/Daughter date on Saturday night (the boys & I stayed home and colored and watched
"The Ten Commandments" (you know, the one with Charlton Heston...)

Easter Day family pic. I try to get one every year, but usually it happens with MUCH angst, cajoling and tears. This time I asked Todd (not in front of the kids) to please not be the ring-leader in the anti-picture campaign! I then blatantly bribed the children by telling them there was a quarter for every kid who cooperated, didn't complain and gave me their best smiles. It may not have made camera-loving models out of all of them, but there were at least no tears at picture time!

My adorable children - and lest you think I am a negligent mother, they actually WANT their hair to look that way!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Jess. I soooooooooooo love the first 2 the most. Kate looks sooooooooooo grown up. She's catching up to Todd in heighth. I also love the picture of the whole Clemmer Family. Your family is sooooooooooooo awesome Jess. Love and miss you guys. Jimmy DeWan

Briana Almengor said...

I was going to say that I love the boys' hair. :)
We kid ourselves every year and try to let the boys go "long" with their hair, but they just really get poofy and do look neglected. It's buzzed now.

Zoanna said...

What a beautiful family. I so enjoy looking back on our Easter pictures later, but in the moment--OH! I can so relate to what you're saying, hubby ringleader and all. We do it outside in the yard (try anyway) before church but if not, then afterward. It's always,"C'mon, Zo. Any day now." Or "Mom, there's PEOple watching. Can we go inside?" The smiles are so fake, and when the dog gets dragged into, what a howl. I didn't bother with it this year. You can only take so much, y'know?

Holly said...

Unbelievable how fast the time goes! I remember when Kate was born, makes me feel old! And can you believe our Luke’s are 3 already!?!?!

God sure has blessed you with a great looking family – hair and all!

Give them all hugs and kisses from the cousin’s in the south!

Much love to you guys!

Bets said...

The pics turned out great! Lukey looks sooo big in that last pic!

osiris said...

they are getting so big! u have such a beautiful family.