Tuesday, March 4, 2008

giveaway #2 - touch

Giveaway number 2 is all about 'touch'... Spring awakens this sense when you feel the warm breeze through your hair, the sunshine on your skin, and cool, lush grass between your toes... Ahhh, I can just feel it now...

So, in order to get that skin all ready to be bared in T's, capri's and flip flops, you'll want to get in on this week's drawing for the 'touchy' prize...a few of the things it will included are some Caress body wash, cucumber & aloe lotion, foot soak and bath fizzies!

All you have to do is comment, and tell us what article of clothing (or shoes) you can't wait to pull out from 'winter storage' and throw on to head out into the sunshine. I gotta say, I think mine is just good-old T-shirts - comfy, cotton & cool...probably my favorite ones are from Old Navy (and I just so happen to have an Old Navy gift card on it's way to me in the mail - yeah!!).

Remember, you have til 5 p.m. next Monday to get your entry in...feel free to tell a friend!

(For rules for the contest, see this post.)


Bets said...

Oh - I can't wait to wear flip-flops!!! I hate socks, I hate how my fresh pedicure gets wrecked by putting on socks, and I hate having to wash and pair socks...ugh. I can't wait to put sandals on the girls too, so I can stop the mad search for socks when we're trying to leave the house. Uh, yeah, did you catch on that socks are the bane of my existance?

Aunt Linda said...

I can't wait to pull out ALL my spring/summer shoes!!! I have such cool shoes, but they are all open-toed, which doesn't go well in the winter, not even in the south. :-)

I know Bets has the same shoe fetish as me...I've been shoe shopping with her!!! LOL

In a couple weeks, our Corvette Club is going to Tybee Island/Savannah for a long weekend. THAT will be the kickoff for my spring & summer pedicures. Can't wait!

Laura said...

Definatly looking forward to sandals- specificaly this leather pair i got back in october just before the wedding.

Anonymous said...

luke likes shorts and sandals... and he likes his wife, which is why he is entering a contest for girly bath stuff.

Lilith Silvermane said...

I love my flip flops. I despise socks, shoes, etc. I want to wear a pair of flip flops that make me feel sexy and young.

Oh.. and some open toed heels and not worry about getting snow in them!!!

Anonymous said...

I think dresses are what i look forward to most.

Kristine said...

I, like a lot of the others here, just adore my flip-flops. If it weren't for Chad I would probably never wear shoes, even in the winter.

Briana Almengor said...

I know I already won, but I like your contest. :)
So...I am with most others. I like summer footwear which for me mostly means barefoot or my crocs (which I love so much that I wear through the winter, too). ;)
I'm a hillbilly at heart for sure.
And, I love my tanks, but haven't figured out how to not stink wearing them...any girls care to share some stink free secrets for wearing tank tops?

Anonymous said...

I think capris, much as I love flip-flops, I don't have pretty feet and struggle w/looking nice w/my nasty pigets sticking out...(I do eventually get over that and just enjoy wearing them) but I can't wait to wear my capris again. Most of my trousers are longer sinc I musta lost some weight and I'm stepping on them and am too old to 'like' that. LOL

Anyway, when my babysis and I went shopping to years ago, I got some really neat capris and can't wait to get them out again. Thanks Linda, sure do miss you and love you!!

Anonymous said...

The major capris was from me, Mama who doesn't know how to use this blog thing and didn't get the name in, sorry, don't be too embarrassed at me ok? LOL

Anonymous said...

As soon as it gets warm, I'm breaking out my flip flops and my favorite T's from Target - they are so comfy. I can't wear open toed shoes at work so anything with holes is a luxury for me on my feet. When I get home from work I also love to put my hair up....that's really the best part of the day!