Monday, February 11, 2008

smokin' HOT valentine's date!

Well, I've been wracking my brain to come up with something new and exciting to plan as a Valentine date for me and my hubby. Here's my conclusion: we have tried everything there is to try in our 18 Valentine's Days together! I've Googled date ideas, I pulled out the old "Simply Romantic Nights" date ideas from Family Life Together that we got a few years ago... But nothing seemed to grab me. Then, out of no where, it came to me...a theme...perfect for my guy AND the freezing cold weather.

The theme is: HOT.

Yep, that's what it's going to be here tonight: I'm cranking up the heat a bit, lighting some fire (a.k.a. candles), trying to find an appropriate themed movie (something to do w/hot or fire, but is still decent enough to watch...this is proving to be the biggest challenge...)ordering in some hot wings (Todd's ALL-TIME favorite), and of course, serving it in something hot (another favorite ;o)), with some hot (salsa?) music!

My natural tendency is to plan dates based on what I would want or enjoy. But this time, going all out means doing stuff that wouldn't necessarily be my idea of a dream date, but may cause Todd to think he died and went to heaven...though, hot and fire aren't usually associated with heaven, huh? Anyway, I venture to say, it's going to go over well, and I'm really excited about it.

I'll post later about the big plans we have for a fun-filled Valentine's party for the kids...

So what are you doing to celebrate those you love?


Laura said...

i have nothing appropriate to say, except that i hope you have a nice hot night :)

Aunt Linda said...

Wait til you hear the romance we've got planned!!! LOL Thursday is our monthly Corvette club meeting which is held at an "old fogey" restaurant. The highlight of the restaurant is the fried chicken on the buffet along with the pinto beans, cornbread, and turnip/collard greens (GAGGING HERE!)! How sad is that?!

I'm thinking I might spice things up a bit & wear my pointy toe slingback red 2 1/2" heels!! LOL They are 9 West shoes that I got at a GREAT sale price this past fall. Since we'll be out in public, I guess I should wear more than just the shoes, huh? (Tee hee hee)

I'm anxious to hear how things go for y'all!!

Love you!

Jessi said...

Yes, Auntie, clothes would be don't want anyone getting flustered and choking on those turnip/collard greens (gagging with you!!). But the shoes sound fun and festive!!

We had a great time...settled on Walk the Line for the movie...I figured, it was a couple story - and hey, at least the guy sang "Ring of Fire" - that was close enough to the hot theme for me... It was fun to get some time alone...wear some new red lipstick... I'm gonna post on Bryce's comment...

Love you too...

Aunt Linda said...

"Walk the Line" is better than what I could come up with...Backdraft!! ROFL

Seriously, I'm glad you had such a nice evening! Who kept the kids?

The shoes really are great! I know Bets is a show freak like me...are you a shoe freak too?? Holly is, too.

For Christmas I wore my red shoes & had also gotten baby Avery a pair too...need to get her goin on the shoe thing ASAP! I have some pics of her red shoes, but none of mine.

Jessi said...

Bets was over at mom's tonight, so I dropped the kids off there w/them and her kids and mine got to play together. The apartment is so great...the kids have so much place to play now!

And yep - I LOVE shoes too - they're just not often in my budget. But I occasionally get hand-me-downs that are like brand new from Liv, and of course, I borrow Bets's all the time. It's nice to have sisters with the same shoe sizes!

And, I actually DID think of 'Backdraft' but thought, nah, it wasn't worth it that much to stick with the theme!!