Friday, February 15, 2008

party time...

Yesterday and today was jam-packed with activity, so this is the first minute I've had to sit down and post about our wonderful Valentine's party yesterday. I definitely didn't have any blogging time, but the 10 things I was thankful for were these 10 little people (though baby Eva was napping and didn't make it into the pic, so you'll only be able to count 9. But Ang is in there to make 10 people, and I'm thankful for her too...)

Betsy came up with great games like this Valentine BINGO that included v-tine pics and little pics of everyone at the party - very creative!

The kids loved it; they played 3 times

while I got the pink pancakes ready.

It was a precious moment when they all held hands and prayed before they ate.

Then we did 3 great crafts:

The first one was adorable hanging hearts (see pic above).

Then we made these cool key chains; they made them out of clay, then we baked them and attached some beads and the key ring. We also made fun bookmarks (which re-used the pictures from the bingo sheets).

I think everybody had a great time. The little ones were plenty worn out til the end of the day, and some of them had to leave a bit early to get a nap. We took these pics to make V-tine cards for the daddies, but ran out of time. So I thought I'd at least share them with you, (and maybe hang on to them to make daddy cards some other time!)

And I had to post this...just cuz it was too cute not to!!


Anonymous said...

you guys looked like you had an awesome time.Jimmy DeWan

Bets said...

I'm going to steal your pictures! Thanks!

Laura said...

nice pics!! Glad it was fun :)