Friday, February 15, 2008

on a mission

Tomorrow some gal-pals and I are heading down to D.C. on a 'business trip'...we're hitting Coffee Fest - a huge trade show for the coffee industry. We are scouting out equipment, vendors, etc., etc., etc. for our new coffeehouse that will hopefully be materializing in the not-too-distant future (exactly how long that is, we still aren't sure). God seems to be giving us a lot of divine connections right now, and hopefully what will turn out to be some open doors. This is a very central aspect of the mission of Koinonia House as a church, and we are prayerfully waiting on God to somehow, miraculously make it a reality. In the meantime, we're doing our part with the legwork.

We'll also be making a visit to Ebenezer's, a coffeehouse in the capitol that's already doing what we're passionately working toward. I'm sure we'll return tired, but totally pumped about pressing on with the vision.


Anonymous said...

I will be praying strongly for this. Keep me posted. Love you. Jimmy DeWan

Laura said...

Oh yeah, I'm so gonna write "DC or bust" on your car... hehe, just kidding.