Friday, January 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday ( a little late...)

Well, it's a little late (since it's after midnight), but this is the first chance I got to actually sit down! So this is what I'm thankful for this Thursday:

  1. Had a delicious dinner with friends tonight (and fun too!)
  2. Got a great pair of jeans SUPER-CHEAP on clearance at Gap this week (I've needed them for a while but refused to pay full price at Old Navy when I was looking right before Christmas...glad I held out!!)
  3. Mom is pretty much settled into her wonderful new apartment (it's so cozy!)
  4. Lukey's curly brown locks
  5. God walking me through deciding what to do for different situations in my life
  6. Holding my precious niece Eva while she slept when I babysat on Tuesday
  7. Some really neat people I've gotten to know through blogging
  8. My house getting warm again after I accidentally hit the emergency shut off switch for the heater before we left this evening! (oops...)
  9. My church family and them sticking with us through all the turbulent, trial & error of church planting
  10. Chocolate!!!! (yeah, not doing so good with the "Eating Better in the New Year" thing...)

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