Thursday, January 17, 2008

rain event??

OK, I'm getting pretty annoyed at the weather forecasters... mainly because I'm still hoping for at least one BIG dumping of snow this winter (if it's gonna be cold, you might as well have snow!), and then I'll be ready for spring. Anyway, last week they forecasted snow for our area, and we got nuthin. Today they assured me that what might start as a mix would quickly change over to rain - "it will just be a rain event" they said. HA! This is what it looks like at my house right now!


Anonymous said...

i dont pay any attention to what they say on tv. I get my weather reports online. Jimmy DeWan

Aunt Linda said...

We actually had a snow event too!! We had about an inch & 1/2 before it turned to sleet, then to rain. This is the most snow we've seen since moving to GA.

It was hysterical because last evening when the first flakes began falling, they were already cancelling events & closing schools for today. By 8 am today, it was already 36 degrees with melting snow. Living in the south can be a real hoot sometimes! I went grocery shopping on Tuesday and the store was mobbed! You would have thought we were going to have the storm of the century! UG was supposed to fly out of Chattanooga to Atlanta to Orlando this morning. They began changing his flights about 6:30 pm last night and finally ended up cancelling him altogether. Can you imagine if there was a REAL snowfall??!!! Well, I guess there was, back in 1993 and the entire northern part of GA was crippled and shut down for about 3 weeks, we were told.

Hope your gang enjoys the snow!!