Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Don't have much time to post as I am off to have my devotions...part of my personal goal is to spend more time in the Word than blogging...and I haven't had my devotions yet today (but I must say, reading through Genesis again sure does raise lots of questions and discussions I'd like to bring up with God when we are face to face. TONS of weird stuff in there...)

But, since this blog is also serving partially as a 'journal' for me of stuff I want to remember about my kids, tonight was a milestone. We registered both the older boys for little league. They were pretty excited, but the thing they were MOST excited about was revealed in conversation after they got home.

Bryce: "We FINALLY get to get cleats!!"
Seth: "YEAH MAN!!!!!"

Oh, gee...why do I see potential puncture wounds in our future?

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Anonymous said...

they are growing up Jess. Jimmy DeWan