Thursday, December 27, 2007

just checkin' in...

Well, amazingly, Christmas came and is gone already! We had a wonderful holiday, with no glitches. I've wanted to post things several times, but we have had an unbelievably crazy past week or so, and, though I'd like to share more, this post will have to be a quick update.

I wanted to thank all of you who prayed for my niece, Eva. She is home and doing fine and dandy, thought is having to sleep hooked up to a device that monitors her breathing and heart rate. Looks like she'll have to put up with that for 2 months. It's become quite the joke when we see her getting ready for bed or waking with wires coming out from her clothing. She's earned such names as "Robot Baby" and "Bionic Baby". She's such a good natured little dolly that she seems to be rolling with it quite well.

Our other friend who had the open heart surgery is doing well, though he did suffer a mini-stroke on Sunday. He seems to be alright though - still having movement, etc., and from what I hear his sense of humor is still in tact. Of course, the recovery process from the whole ordeal is long and difficult, so this remains a top prayer priority for us.

Our family is in the process of scattering in different directions due to a wedding we are participating in up in Massachusetts. My 3 adorable nieces, (Eva's big sisters, pictured earlier) are flower girls in the wedding, so my sister asked for Kate to be able to help her out with them and with the baby, as she (my sis) is also doing hair for the bride and a few bridesmaids! So Kaitlyn is heading up with them. We are dropping off the 2 youngest boys with Todd's mom tomorrow morning and heading out ourselves with just Bryce. That's something unusual - traveling with just 1!! (We get to take the compact car instead of the mini-van! Yeah! Can you save MAJOR savings on gas!) Anyway, it's up tomorrow for rehearsal, wedding Friday, and home again on Saturday, but having to pull together my thoughts for the last message in my Christmas series on Sunday! What a week! All that to say, I have hopes of posting, as well as re-doing the look of the blog to welcome the new year...but we'll have to see what time allows. I'd love to share some of my Christmas photos as well, but it may be a few days before they appear. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and aren't too stuffed from all the goodies!

See you in a few days (or maybe sooner!)

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