Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eva update

Here's a quick update on our little Eva... I just spoke to Betsy a little bit ago and they are being discharged and heading home. Her tests are all coming back showing everything normal, and she is feeling better, so they are being released. She will have to be on a monitor, like I said in the last post, which Bets & Joe learned this afternoon what to do with that whole deal. They also had to take a CPR class this morning. (Makes me think it's something I should probably do too...this is a really scary thing to have happen. I took a class when I was pregnant with Kate, but since that was 12 years ago, I really don't remember anything!)

It was planned that their family was going to come hang with our kids tonight so Todd & I could go to his work Christmas dinner party...I had assumed that the plans were off, of course, but when I talked to Bets she said she desperately wanted to get back to some 'normalcy' and her older girls would be happy to be able to come and play, so they are headed here this evening.

Can't wait to get my hands on Miss Evie and squeeze her and kiss her all over!! Thanks so much for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess. I have been praying for them. I will continue to pray anyway. Jimmy DeWan

Bethany said...

I had a similar thing happen with my daughter when she first came home from the hospital...turning blue. She ended up being in the nicu for a little over a week and is also on a monitor while sleeping she is 6 months now. Please tell your sister we are praying for her. I know how scary that is