Saturday, October 27, 2007

rattling around in my head...

Some random things that I'm thinking about:

  • Light the Night, our Halloween-alternative outreach event, is coming up this Wednesday!!
  • On Monday Kate & I are heading to American Girl Place in NYC with another DOVE pastor's wife and daughter that we've become friends with. We've been trying to make this trip happen for over a year now!!! Kate's so excited... I'm looking forward to some fun girl-time!
  • So much to process from the training weekend we just head is spinning!! Can't wait to start using what I've learned... so STEP RIGHT UP!! - who wants to be first to start dealing with their 'issues'?!? :o)
  • I'm really excited about an opportunity I have that came out of the blue... I was asked to be one of only 8 people to help edit Larry Kreider's new book due out next year entitled "Speak Lord, I'm Listening: How to Hear God's Voice Above the Noise".
  • I'm considering looking into the Christian Writers' Guild... an organization that helps aspiring writers through mentoring, correspondence courses, seminars, etc. to pursue my interest in writing. Since you're apparently reading this, I'll consider you my reader...what do you think? Should I start on this path, or quit while I'm ahead?
  • My 15th anniversary is next month (HOLY COW! 15 years!!) I want to do something really special, but am trying to keep the costs low. I'm checking out my options for a get-away, but figure if I have to be really resourceful, I could do something at home, as long as we can 'farm-out' the kids for a weekend. (That thought isn't even all that appealing at the moment after just being away from them for the better part of 2 weekends in a row!! But I'm sure by the end of next month, we'll all be up for a fun weekend break). I'll have to be creative, but I think I can come up with SOMEthing.... :o)
  • It's nice having one of my best friends 'back'...
  • Work on my mom's house - crazy, but going. God provided money this weekend, and it looks like it will cover the cost of the repairs that we needed to make. He is so faithful!
  • Hopefully since I got all these thoughts out of my head I'll be able to go to SLEEP!!!



Anonymous said...

I cant believe you have been married for 15 years. I am feeling really really really really really old. Jimmy DeWan

Anonymous said...

I'd say go for the CWG. I heard about it through a friend who was in it. I'm not sure what ended up happening or how she liked it, but I don't remember her saying anything bad about it.