Friday, October 26, 2007

don't go there...

We've spent the past 2 days (and another tomorrow) at a conference giving us ministry 'tools' to help people (and ourselves) deal with issues in their life - looking at personal sin and/or the hurts that caused the issue(and dealing with those through repentance/forgiveness), how to recognize ungodly beliefs that we might hold (and operate out of) and how to replace those beliefs with the truth of God's word. (By this I mean - for instance - I might believe that God doesn't want to be bothered with the little details of my life, so it hinders me from praying. I need to replace that with the truth that scripture tells me to "cast all my cares on Him" because He cares for me - that kind of thing). It's all great information in being able to help people deal with things that consistently trip them up in life, as well as helping to see myself and some of my struggles in a healthier perspective.

Of course, we have an enemy who really will be hindered if I actually learn to implement this stuff... Surprisingly enough, Todd & I almost got into a fight last night (well, maybe a little more than almost, but it didn't come to fisticuffs :) ), and tonight I came home to some e-mails that started to get me riled up and wanting to take offense at things in regards to other christians and other churches. Hmmm....any chance someone is trying to distract me? Thankfully, God gave me an extra shot of grace (tired as I am) to recognize in a somewhat timely manner the scheme in operation and I brought myself up short to NOT GO THERE!!!

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