Monday, August 6, 2007

baptism picnic

Saturday was a joyful day as the Koinonia House family did our first baptisms.

I, of course, was tearful as my oldest son was one of those getting baptized, as well as my precious niece.

The third person was an awesome guy that goes to our church named Stephen, who I am happy to have as a role model for my sons. It's been a such blessing to watch Stephen's growing hunger for God, desire for accountability and willingness to be real, and increasing boldness in his faith. (He's also a great drummer). As a mom, it touches my heart to see how he takes time to relate to my boys, not only playing with them, but talking with them. We are blessed to have Stephen as part of the KH family.

Here's some more pics from the picnic: worship and gathering around for the baptisms and praying over the kids.


Anonymous said...

I bet it was nice to see so many people getting baptized. Even Bryce. Jimmy DeWan.

Zoanna said...

I love baptisms. That's wonderful about your son , your niece, and Stephen. (You could have easily been talking about MY son, Stephen, right down to the good drummer part!)