Monday, July 23, 2007

free advertising

It seems like I know a bunch of people who have or are starting businesses, so I just thought I'd throw out there what all they're doin' and if anyone happens to be interested in any of their services, leave a comment or message me and I can put you in contact with them.

My brother-in-law has a great greenhouse. If you're gonna be looking for any mums this fall, keep them in mind. Here's their website:

A young woman from our church with a degree in nutrition has just started a business where she does cooking for families. She has an initial consultation to discuss their dietary needs, what the family is looking for, etc., then she comes weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on individual needs), plans meals, does the grocery shopping and cooking for the week, then freezes the meals. What an awesome way to save time and have good, healthy, home-cooked meals at your fingertips!

Need you air-ducts or chimney cleaned, or some other home project? Yeah, we got somebody for that... "Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey, chim-chim charoo...."

My sister has 2 businesses going right now, one is a cleaning business called 'Mother's Touch Cleaning Service', and the other is doing 'Tastefully Simple' home demonstrations. This weekend she made some of the Tastefully Simple dips for the birthday bash, and they were DELICIOUS!! So here's an idea - hire her to come clean for you and your house will be all ready for having a bunch of people over, so you could host a Tastefully Simple demonstration!!

Another young woman from our church is doing photography, and has done an AMAZING job with portraits of our family! She also has other beautiful photograph prints available for framing, that would be a lovely addition to any room in your house. I believe she is also starting to do wedding (or other special occasion) photography, so if your looking for some creative, excellent photography, she'd be your gal.

And coming soon... it seems like one of our church family might have some kind of craft/gift shop in the works, AND we are in the process of looking into options and getting business input on starting our coffee shop!! God is really releasing a lot of creativity in our midst!! A few of us also have some children's books that we are looking into the details of getting published. (If anyone reading this has any experience with publishing and could give us any tips or advice, we'd love to hear from you...comment or message me!!) Lots happenin'...

I know, this was a lot of blatant advertising, but's my blog!!! :o)


Zoanna said...

I would love to hire your sister for cleaning, but just last night my hubby told me to look for part time work to help pay for the kids' tuition. Two in college, one in Christian school, and a new OLD car for extra wheels since no one's schedules will jive in the fall.

Bets said...

Love the blatant advertising! I could add event planning and Massage Therapy to the

jessi said...

I thought about that, but decided you might not appreciate me deciding to give you extra occupations at the moment... :o) In case this actually generates any business, I'll have to be ready to come thru with the goods!!

jessi said...

Yeah, Zo, I don't think my sister's picking up any jobs in the Chesapeake area at the moment anyway... LOL