Monday, July 9, 2007

a good read

Finished reading a very good book last week called "Sex God" by Rob Bell (published by Zondervan). Now before anyone panics and writes me off as...well, I don't know as what... but before you do, the book is about people, as in the male sex and the female sex, and our connected-ness (and the loss of it at The Fall) with each other and God and how we see humans constantly striving to reconnect their entire lives. Of course, the only way to do that is through accepting Christ's redeeming sacrifice on the cross; sadly, not everyone does so and thus spend their entire lives chasing after something that is completely unattainable, and often the pursuit of which brings destruction and sorrow.

I'd recommend this book to men and women alike, married or single. It gives a fresh perspective on many things. And the title (as well as chapter titles) are definitely designed to grab your attention...and the attention of someone who otherwise might not consider picking up a 'religious' book.

(Just a side note...I'm not sure who all reads this blog anymore. I almost titled this post 'sex god' but thought it might be too racy - give someone the wrong idea before they even read the post. Obviously if you're reading this note you now know the content of the I'd just be interested to see what you think... should I have gone with the original or stay sensitive to the 'unknown' factor?)

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Anonymous said...

I think you exhibited wisdom in your choice to stay really do NOT know who would be reading at any particularly time and may not have read the whole content before passing judgement. Safe is not always wrong.