Wednesday, June 20, 2007

is it worth it??

Here's something completely random I was thinking about last night/today - here's a list of things that I want/need, but can't bring myself to spend money on (or really can't afford):

1. A new mattress pad...ours is for a king size bed (our bed is queen), has no elastic left, and is shredded in the middle. (But who sees a mattress pad anyway??)

2. A feather pillow...I'd love to have a pillow that I can just re-fluff everyday and that aren't just random lumps of stuffing.

3. New pajamas (Let's put it this way...I'm still wearing old maternity/nursing pj's - and big T-shirts with holes).

4. Socks (My darling daughter - who lives half her life in the 1800's - thinks I should darn my socks...she even has told me all I need to do is put a rock in them to give the toe shape while I stitch...haha, yeah, right... They are so far gone, I don't think they could be darned!!)

5. An alarm clock. Ours is the digital CASSETTE player one that I bought for my office when I got my first full time job...say, oh, about 16 YEARS ago!!!

6. A new bathing suit. It's just too depressing.

7. A blender. I really like smoothies and milkshakes, but our blender broke several years ago, and, well, I'm just never really thinking about blenders other than in that moment when I want a smoothie!!

8. Picture albums. In truth, only half the problem is buying the albums; the other half is that I'd half to GO THROUGH all the boxes of random photos that have been dumped together and sort them and put them in some kind of order...

9. Picture frames. I guess I'm just really bad with pictures in general. I don't get them taken often enough, and when I do I usually forget to hand them out (right Wanda??) and I don't get them in frames. I even have space on my walls that is reserved for the pics (that my dear Chrissy did such a beautiful job with!), but I seem to have this block about DOING something about getting them hung up!!

And finally...

10. A new lamp shade. We have a table lamp that had been Todd's Nanna's and while it works wonderfully, the inner lining of the shade got old and brittle and, well, basically dissolved. It's one of those things that when I focus on, I see it, but then rest of the time, I don't. Know what I mean?

Well, that concludes my random-ness for today.


Aunt Linda said...

Jess, you really need to come here and visit the Springmaid factory outlet store! A good feather pillow (queen size) can be bought for less than $12. They last for a long time, too.

Trying to deal with lumps in a mattress pad?'re a better woman than I!

Have you inheritied my love of pajamas?? I have a really cute pair that is too small...never wore them, only washed them. Do you like spring/kiwi green? Short sleeved and capri length pants. Want them?

The outlet mall is only about 7 miles from our house. Lots of your needs/wants can be found there at a reasonable price.

I do love your randomness! LOL

Love you & miss you!

jessi said...

I do love a really cute pair of pj's. Todd usually gets me a set for Christmas, but they're winter ones... summer is sorely lacking for cuteness! I do like kiwi green - I'll take 'em!

And the thought of a good, queen size feather pillow gets me all a-flutter!!! :o)

Love & miss you too!

Zoanna said...

This is too funny. AGain, you remind me so much of myself. I would prioritize the things that your hubby would appreciate--feminine PJs, perhaps? A nice bathing suit. I foudna mattress pad at Ross for 10 bucks for our queen bed. Do you have Ross stores near you? AS for wall space and pictures, I sing your song, friend!
If you'd sleep better on a feather pillow, go for it. Everything can be dealt with better if you've had a good night's sleep. I am a sucker for high quality sheets and comfy pillows. Not quantity. Quality. Say fifty to sixty bucks is a splurge for sheets for me, but divided over how many night for how many years? Pennies a night.