Tuesday, May 22, 2007

butt cream

OK, for any moms out there still using diaper rash cream...here's an interesting nugget I found last week. When we had the nasty stomach bug biting, Luke had terrible diarrhea for several days and the sore bottom to prove it. I had run out of Desitin and was using Triple Paste, which is at least double the price, and it didn't seem to be working (I thought it was supposed to be the best thing). So I figured I'd just go back to the old faithful, Desitin. I'd always sworn by it, but never actually checked into why, just figured it was my opinion that it seemed to stay on better, protect more, probably no backing for it. WELL, as it turns out, all diaper rash creams are the same thing...active ingredient - zinc oxide. The ONLY difference is the %. Here's my findings - which I am happy to say, supports my ever-so-humble opinion!!

Balmex.....zinc oxide 11.3%
Triple Paste....zinc oxide 12.8%
Desitin (original)....zinc oxide 40% (The Desitin creamy is much lower...comparable to all the rest)

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intense discussion on butt cream.

Dan Endy

Briana Almengor said...

Funny, I feel like a butt cream expert myself. And, this is my all time favorite diaper cream, too. I actually buy the 10.99 tubs of it, two or three at a time. We have diaper rash issues in our home, can ya tell?

jessi said...

Hey, Dan, the public NEEDS to be informed about these things...

Zoanna said...

I can't see, say, or smell Desitin without remembering a funny incident. I have a baby sister 14 years younger, so when I was in 8th grade she needed butt cream often. My mom gets up and first thing every morning is brush her own teeth--before breakfast or Bible reading. (She says even God likes clean breath.) Well, she got up so early one morning, didn't even turn on the bathroom light so as not to awaken Daddy. Guess what tube she accidentally squeezed onto her toothbrush and put in her mouth?

Zinc oxide stays on the tongue, teeth, lips, and roof of mouth, too, for the record. (THAT is info the public NEEDS!)

BTW, the fleshy side of a banana peel works wonders on diaper rash, too.

Bets said...

ok, this is really a comment in regard to another comment....but I KNEW BANANAS WERE CRAPPY!!!! EWWW.