Saturday, May 26, 2007

the big sale

I'm completely exhausted after our big yard sale today. We worked like crazy this week, especially yesterday and today, but it was well worth it...we profited somewhere around $900!!! God was very good to us...we set everything up last night (ran out of daylight and had to finish this morning - early), and prayed that it wouldn't rain (which when we left, the sky didn't look too promising). It was beautiful (though hot, but that worked for us in the lemonade and sno-cone sales!). The big items of the day were the stuff we thought was JUNK, (and the stuff we thought would really go didn't...I can't figure it out) and the dogs, baked good, sno-cones.

I think our facility fund total is somewhere around $3,000. I know it's still a long way off from our goal, but I really feel that if we are faithful to keep plugging away at the small stuff, God's really going to do something amazing.

OK, well, I'm so tired now I can barely form complete sentences, so I'd better stop writing... Thanks for your prayers for today.


Zoanna said...

I was thinking of you Saturday, Jessi, while working in my garden. So hot I thought, "I bet her cold drinks are gonna sell like crazy." 900 bucks, huh! That's GREAT!!!! And I know what you mean about the JUNK selling and the "good stuff" getting left. I bet you had your laughs as a group getting ready, sorting thru "donations" of stuff, like we did. ONe was an emerald green leather jacket with strippy tassels hanging off of it and some hideous beads. Well, wouldn't ya know, some lady tried it on, modeled it for her equally-fashion conscious (ahem!) friend. And she bought it. She's from New York, so what can I say? I agree w/ you about the faithful-in-small-things principle.

Zoanna said...

PS Another thing we have in common--I,too, grew up in family of all sisters (3 of them). Even most of our pets were female and gave birth to females. So my mom never heard some of the gems that I do from boys who think theirs "jewels" are as big as their egos. NOT!