Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Things have been quite a whirlwind this past week. I really haven't even had a free moment to post since last Tuesday! We started on last Monday night with a stomach bug which bit 3 of the 4 kids. Thankfully, Todd, Bryce & I managed to escape it. At least it wasn't long lasting.

When I did have some free time (usually evenings, after the kids are in bed), I've been working on the children's curriculum, which is turning out to be a bit tougher than I originally anticipated, but still going well. It's really challenging me to take these concepts that we discuss in Christendom, eleminate all the 'jargon' and boil it down to elementary level. I'm finding it CAN be done, and I truly believe God wants kids to understand His Word, and His Kingdom, but we adults get in the way by making everything so 'lofty'.

The other exciting thing swirling in my head is that we found a building that would be a great facility for Koinonia House. We have definitely grown to the point of needing our own space, for so many reasons, which would be a whole other post in itself! I'm really excited, and I'm a 'driver' type personality, so I would love to just to make this happen NOW!! I'm trying to get ahold of myself, and think clearly, because we will need to do some major fundraising first. We could probably just barely afford the rent on what our weekly tithes have been, and nothing else including utilities! So we're going to raise some funds up front so we can feel comfortable and integral about entering a lease. But having a facility would be such an answer to prayer. I feel so bad for Todd trying to study and work out of the laundry room in the basement, which right now has a river running through it from all the rain we've had!

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