Tuesday, April 10, 2007

waiting to hatch

My very pregnant sister is so creative... I love this pic and told her she should post it on her blog. Then I realized, hey, I have a copy of it and could post it on MY blog! Not sure how you feel about pregnant bellies (hope this doesn't offend anyone), but I think they're beautiful, and am sad when I think about never having one again (but then that feeling passes when I think of everything that comes AFTER the pregnant belly... So I stand by my motto..."These four and NO MORE!") Anyway, just gotta love the creativity and can't wait for her to 'hatch'...

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barefootpreacher said...

Hi there, I love the picture!
my 2 are boys, aged 6 & 11, and I'm
at the no more bumps stage too.
Just thought I'd let you know that "futurePrimitive" and "barefootpreacher" are talking about the same group of churches here in Edinburgh. I liked your post on Susanna Wesley too. Have you ever seen the book "She offered them Christ" by Paul Chilcote, it's about the women preachers in early Methodism, quite an eye opener! Your post hasn't appeared on my blog yet but the system tells me there are some "in moderation" so I assume it will appear soon,