Friday, April 6, 2007

my everything

Last night I was reading and pondering all of the gospels' accounts of the resurrection. I found myself thinking a lot about Mary Magdalene and her reaction to Jesus' death, and then when He appeared to her after His resurrection. As I read the accounts, it seems that Mary was so profoundly, emotionally affected - almost more than anyone else. She was in agony. It says she was crying and weeping - one note said, more accurately, wailing. I found myself beginning to understand what she was experiencing. Think about it. The things that we know for sure are that Jesus had delivered her from demons, and that she traveled with Him and the disciples, along with some other women who supported Jesus ministry by their own financial means (Luke 8).

As I read different things I began to wonder a few things, that this side of eternity, I may never know for sure, (and really it doesn't matter). I was thinking, it might be possible that Mary could have been the woman caught in adultery and brought to Jesus, who sent away all her accusers. It might be possible that she was the woman who broke the alabaster jar, poured it out on Jesus feet, and washed them with her tears. Then again maybe not - it doesn't say who these women were. But in one way or another, I could identify with all these women, be it the same woman or not. They all had been rescued, accepted, forgiven and loved by Jesus. And now, seemingly, He was gone.

Whether 'the woman' in all these stories is Mary or not doesn't matter. The point is that for Mary, Jesus had become the center of her world, her life, her everything. She thought He was gone. I cannot imagine the sense of loss. Yet imagine her elation when He spoke her name - "Mary". I understand being rescued, accepted, forgiven and loved by Jesus. I have felt His presence. How I long for the day I too am able to see Him face to face.

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