Thursday, January 10, 2013

stay tuned!!

I am nearly giddy.  Bursting with anticipation.  Doing twirls and flips.  Okay, maybe not so much that.  But I am really, REALLY excited. 

Unfortunately, I am under strict advisement not to disclose full details yet. 

However...I can say for sure that some big changes are on the way for me.  They involve a new season (unfortunately, not an actual, physical season...because on that note, I am SO ready for summer...yeah, summer!!  I'd even be willing to skip spring.  I want my flip flops!!)...a new chapter so to speak.  A brand new day for my writing and communicating in this world wide web that I've grown so fond of, with all my bloggy friends and social media communities.

So pardon my dust, as I'm over here in my little corner of the web busily constructing.  I'm actually building myself a new bloggy home, which I can't wait to have finished and fully furnished so I can invite you over for a visit.  There's gonna be lots of fresh new things...a new look, new content, and hopefully lots and lots of new friends!!

(I will give you a few teasers, such as...I will be continuing with my 'Year of Courage' posts, and also my '20 Things in 20 Years' posts...which will fit into something I'll be calling 'Marriage Mondays'.)

My 'new home' will also be revealing a lot more about the 'real' me.  I'm considering this the year not only of Courage, but by way that courage, a time of 'coming into my own'.  I'm planning to just let 'er rip, with all the thoughts, opinions and beliefs that I've been holding back from speaking of here.  Yes, that's right...I've been holding back.  Fearing offending.  Trying to keep things 'nice' and 'pleasant'.  But, I kinda think that time is done for me...I've just got this feeling that I need to be free to be me...  I'm hoping it will spark lots of responses, dialogue and really good conversations

 I am expecting it to be quite a fun adventure, and hope you find it a refreshing bit of change. 

Stay won't be long now!!!

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