Tuesday, January 29, 2013

moving on and Finding My Voice

Well, here's the big announcement...  I've officially launched my NEW BLOG SITE, and I'm really hoping that if you've been hanging out with me here, you'll make the quick hop, skip and jump over to my new digs. 

What will you find there, and why the move?

Well, I feel like it's a new season.  Time to kick things up a notch, and be a little bit more true to myself.  I'm sort of looking at this year as a 'coming in to my own', and just letting me be me.  Or, as I describe it there...I'm "Finding My Voice".

I'll be doing less personal, anecdotal stories, and delving into some more serious topics involving faith, family, marriage, women's issues and leadership.  Some of the posts here I've pulled over, and you'll still be able to find there, and I'll keep this site for the occasional personal stories that I might want to log...but I won't really be posting here on a regular basis.

I am really trying to grow the site, and expand my readership in hopes of getting lots of good dialogue going, and hearing from people of all different perspectives.  If you'd be willing to share the link, or recommend the site, I would be so very appreciative.  I'm also looking to expand my writing in general, so if you know of any opportunities that might be a fit for me, would you mind letting me know?  

I'm really looking forward to pursuing these new things and seeing all this season brings!! Thanks for the time you spent hanging with me here, and I hope you'll join me on the flip-side!!

Here's the link (click on the pic below)...look forward to seeing you there!!!!

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