Monday, October 8, 2012

X-treme crafting

As I confessed here...I'm a Pinterest addict. However, I totally justify this guilty pleasure every time that I actually do something useful with one of those little try a recipe or actually make something creative (as opposed to just think creative thoughts...).

Today happened to be one of those days!

It was a simple enough idea, and I've had the 'supplies' (if you can even justify calling an empty coffee container, some twine and a glue gun 'supplies') for months now.  Well, today inspiration and motivation struck at the same time, so I invested the 15 minutes and am quite pleased with the results.

Now, this is a pretty complicated tutorial, so try to stay with me as best as you can.

First, take an empty coffee container, put a little bit of hot glue and fasten the twine.  Wrap.  Add bits of hot glue as needed.  
Next, set it somewhere and shove some stuff in it.

 Whew.  That was a tough one.  So glad for my mad crafting skills.  ;)



Zoanna said...

That's pretty! Love the stuff you "shoved in it"! I am about to embark on a Pinterest project. My future DIL wants a shabby chic wedding and one of the items is the big initial letter Z. White painted wood with clear buttons all over it. I'm hoping to get it done in time for her b'day at the end of this month.

Jessi said...

Oooo...that sounds like a fun project Zo!! I think I've seen that one on Pinterest too...have fun!!!