Monday, September 10, 2012

who IS that girl???

Since my little summer hiatus, and the last time I talked about beginning my dreaded battle journey with weight loss and some healthy eating changes, I've been somewhat successful...but can definitely tell this is only the beginning.  A very smart woman mentioned this advice..."It's as simple as putting one change into your life: whether it's taking a walk every day at 9:00, or eating a salad three times a week, or drinking more water. Don't make it too complicated - you can do it if I can!"  Well, sure enough, I have started making some small changes, and have seen results.  Not big, dramatic results...but still, I'm happy for the 15 pounds or so that I've dropped thus far. 

However, I will admit how surprised I am that I'm actually not HATING this as much as I anticipated!!  (Please note the difference between 'enjoying' and 'not hating'...there is one).  And I'm finding myself things that I never did, and vowed I never running...and eating plain yogurt (with fruit in steps, people, baby steps).  Yep, crazy...  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've gone all crunchy and health-nutty.  I am basically only logging about 2 miles per day...I run *most* of the first mile (I'm too lazy to run the uphills) and walk the second mile. 
But at least it's something...and something a lot more than what I was doing which formerly included sitting on the couch and snuggling with a bowl of ice cream every night.  :) It helps to have Todd making the same changes I am (and having started before me, doing really great with his own changes and encouraging me to stick with it...even when I'm totally nasty to him about it...which, I definitely am on more occasions than I care to admit) some friends encouraging me and an accountability partner who has walked the road before me, and shares her ups, downs and nuggets of wisdom with me along the way.

Yes, it's true, I barely recognize myself these days.  Definitely not because I look all that different, but because I'm making fun of my 'healthy' friends less and agreeing with them more...(agh!)...and doing odd domestic-y things like trying to make my own granola (on my list for this week) and bizarre behaviors like passing up junk food on a regular basis.  What the...???? 

I have thought about what has been my main motivation for this...  It's hard to pinpoint...maybe jealousy of hearing every.single.person. we see gush about how great my husband looks...maybe it's the fact that I wanted new clothes...maybe it's because I'm turning 40 on my next birthday...  Yep, it's all of those lame, selfish things.  Hey...I didn't say I had a complete personality transplant, OK?  Don't judge me...  :)

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