Thursday, April 26, 2012

a very blessed birthday

39 years ago today, I made my entrance to the world. (It's a lot 'flowery-er' than saying 'today's my birthday', don't you think?) Yeah...39...I don't care. I hear that 40 is the new 20, so, whatever... As far as I'm concerned, age is just a number, and I'm not planning on jumping in on the "Oh, I'm sooo old..." game. Not now, not ever. I want to be one of those fun, cool grandmas who doesn't complain about her bunions and goiters (ok, so I don't even really know what those are)...but in any case, I don't want to ever be a cranky old person.

Anyhoo...a friend and I were talking recently about how birthdays, or at least, birthday expectations change as you get older. They definitely change, for sure...especially once you're a mom.  Today, I have big, exciting plans for spending my special day... It started off with a sweet "Happy Birthday honey" from my hubby, who can't even hug me because his shoulder feels like it's falling off. Next up, some fun lunch packing and urging to "Get dressed! Brush your teeth!!" and scrambling to do forgotten homework from last night. But as each kiddo rushed out the door they hollered a heart-felt "Happy Birthday Mom!!" (Well, except maybe Kate, who was annoyed with me for...oh, I forget for what. Who can keep track of the million-and-five reasons teenage daughters get annoyed at their mothers... She wished me a happy day before I said whatever offensive thing it was...and I kinda think she went out the door with a sigh.)  I got a phone call from my sweet, sweet nieces who sang 'Happy Birthday' to me, and I think Bryce must have apologized with such angst about 7 times for the fact that we are so busy tonight, and that no one had a chance to get me a gift.  (Honestly, his deep emotion about it speaks volumes more to me than a bouquet of flowers or a card anyway!)

Next up is running to do banking and pick up some necessities for my sister who has been dealing with puke and poop for 3 days straight now. (An epidemic stomach bug hit all the little ones at our church and it.was.nasty. for all involved!! I am so sorry for them all!) Then, I will squeeze in a nice lunch with a dear friend, before it's heading back to make sure all the baseball laundry is done, quick help with homework, toss out something for supper before we dash out the door to get one kid to a baseball game, and 2 others to an art show, where one will be making a computer presentation. Then, it's back to catch the end of the baseball game before heading home to herd everyone into showers and bed. And then I'll crash.

But, this morning I was's kind of fitting. I mean, birthdays celebrate YOU...who you are, right? Well, who am I? I'm wife, mother, sister, aunty and friend. So, it's only fitting I spend my day with those people who make me what/who I am! And while I may not be sitting around 'pampering' myself...I'm certainly living to the full the life I have been blessed with!!   I'd take that over a mani/pedi any day. :) (Ok, MOST days...there are some days I'd rather slip away to a spa and hide...);)

So...I'm off...and, oh yes...Starbucks loves me so much that they sent me a card for any drink of my choice FREE on my birthday, so after I pick up all the disinfecting supplies for my sis, I'll snag that and indulge as I drive.

So, because I choose to see all the blessings in my life, it's a very good day, and a very good life.

Thanks, God!  :)

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Andrea said...

You know, since I became a mom, I have not been a big fan of my birthday because I can't just stop and act like queen for a day.

Your post gave me a new view of that day. Instead of whining that I don't get special treatment, I need to remember that I am being celebrated on my birthday by people who love me in the roles I have been given.

I'll let you know how it works out when my birthday comes.

Thanks for the perspective!