Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - 12, 13 and 14

Here's another trio of thankfulness...
12 - I'm thankful for a warm house...especially when so many other people I talk to are talking about how they cut their heat waaaay back to save money.  I'm very, very thankful to have an understanding hubby who knows that I have trouble getting warm on a not-even-really-cold-day...and am fairly comfortable by mid-July...and that I get headaches (bad ones) from being cold.  Granted, the cost of oil was really hurting a few years back, when he decided to install our coal stove...and yes, we too were cutting back the heat to save (much to my chagrin).  I'm very thankful that he spent tons of time researching, installing and all the tending he still does to keep me toasty warm.

13 - I'm thankful for my crazy yellow lab, even though she sheds everywhere, barks when she has to be shut away from us (like when there's company) and poops.  A lot.  And eats.  A lot.  Oh...wait, I was being thankful here...that's right...  Well, she also is a faithful companion who is happy and content to follow me around from room to room all day, and sit nearby, and occasionally (ok, fairly often, I admit) lets me take out my frustrations on her by calling her Dog-face.  And even when I say not nice things to her like, "Maggie, be quiet!!  NO ONE likes you!!" she totally knows it's not true, and loves me anyway, and doesn't seem to mind in the least.  And if I'm down, she's always good for a snuggle, or even just lays her head on my lap and looks adoringly at me with her big brown eyes.  It's nice to have someone look at me adoringly on my worst days...

14 - I'm thankful for a yard.  I grew up in in, we were attached to neighbors on both sides, and our yard was the size of a postage stamp.  There wasn't really much room to do anything...certainly not to play a game, throw a ball for the dog or run.  Heck, even talking or laughing too loud garnered dirty looks from teh neighbors.  Today as I stood in the warm sunshine playing fetch with Maggie for a few minutes and enjoying the beautiful colors of the leaves, I was reminded how blessed I am to have plenty of room for the kids (and the dog) to run, laugh and play, and what a lovely view it gives me as I stand at the kitchen sink. 

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