Monday, May 16, 2011

working smart and Que Sera Sera...

As I put together my to-do list for the week last night, and pondered where to start with it this morning, I had to remind myself that the most effective way for me to get through all I have to do is to WORK SMART.  Do you find this to be true?  I really need to look over what I have to get done, and pick and choose what to do when.  For me, I have a variety of things that I need to accomplish in the week, and some of them (like ministry jobs) require a lot more of my focused attention and brain power than folding laundry, for instance.  I've come to realize that even though it seems like it would be quick and easy to run out for groceries by myself first thing in the morning when I get the kids all off to school, in reality, I should use that time for study, sermon prepping or 'business' items (like meeting agendas or correspondence type stuff).  Those are things that I really can't do with someone wanting to chat, or ask 102 questions, or needing me to jump up and help them with something every 5 minutes.  Laundry, dishes and bathroom, interruptions aren't that big of a deal.  Grocery shopping, while it's quicker and easier alone, most certainly can be done with a little one in tow.  However, thinking through the implications of original sin isn't quite as easy to do with 3 boys turning the house into a nerf war zone and a teenager being all...well, teenager-ish.  (Although, on occasion these could be taken as confirmations of the proof of original sin!!)  :)

All that to say, I find it very important to take stock of what I need to accomplish in a day or week, and plan to schedule my time accordingly.  I can't often just approach a week with total "que sera sera" mentality.  And, when I do remember to work smart, I usually get more done, faster!  (Now, to just get myself to always remember to do this...!)  Do you have any good tips for me on how to work more effectively?

And now, since I used the phrase "que sera sera", the song is totally stuck in my head, so I watched the video, and it made me smile.  I like Doris Day.  I like old songs.  It'll probably have me smiling all morning, so it was a good use of two minutes.  You should watch'll love seeing someone make beds and fluff pillows while dressed like she's ready for a party.  That's how I look every day...don't you??  ;)

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Laura said...

I have no tips- sounds like you are on a good track though!