Friday, May 6, 2011


I cannot believe it is Friday already!  I started out this week with such grand plans...but I seem to have this that makes me get befuddled and not remember what on earth it was that I wanted to do!  Not that I haven't done things this just doesn't feel like I accomplished anything grand.  And here it is the end of the week...the end of National Teacher Appreciation Week...and I've done nothing cute or sweet for my boys to give their teachers.  Who are really great.  And for reals I do appreciate them!  Not even just sayin' it!!  So, today I really must find something in blogland that says 'thank you for being great' and whip it up quick by this afternoon.  Or head out for chocolate or candy or a Dunkin' Donuts card or something...who wouldn't like that, right?  (There's a DD right near our school, and I think those teachers hit it pretty hard!)

Anyhoo...that crazy season we call spring sure is in full swing, huh?  I say it's crazy because one day I'm wearing my shorts and flip flops, and then next I'm sitting bundled up in a freezing cold drizzle to watch my favorite boys play baseball in the mud.  No...not the Phillies (they're my second favorite)...MY boys, those dynamic Clemmer lads.  ;)  I hate the freezing cold rain, but apparently I hate missing their games even more, 'cause I literally sat shivering under blankets and umbrella the other night to get to see them play.  I love their enjoyment of the game, and how they act all serious, like real major leaguers.  (On occasion it gets out of hand and we have to reprimand one of them in particular *cough*(Bryce) for doing things like getting cocky or arguing with the ump or some such thing (which he totally gets from his father; not kidding...come watch a game we play against the Yankees and you'll see what I mean!)
This is actually Luke, on a less cold day, playing T-ball
Beyond the beautiful flowers and lush green (and quickly growing) grass, there's other signs of spring my kitchen counter covered with so many allergy medications it looks like I'm running a pharmacy on the side.  And children with red itchy eyes.  And massive amounts of dog hair gliding across the floor, and covering our legs from the knees down.  And I sweep every day!!  (Not that you would know it by the looks of things!)  Oh, and apparently the crazy lab is making a terrible, stinky, gross ear infection an annual spring event too.  Have you ever cleaned out a dogs ear??  GROSS!!!  As I've said before, it's good she's cute and so lovey...

But on a much lovlier of my favorite things about spring is this, my front flower just makes me smile every time I look at it!

Mountain Laurel (phlox) - I've been adding a few each year til I eventually have the entire bed covered
But you wanna know the very best thing about spring, in my opinion?  It's that it means summer is just around the corner!!!

And now off to find some teacher gifts, sweep up still more dog hair, and get ready for a game 'under the lights' tonight!!  (I sure do love my life...)  :)


Zoanna said...

Go fot the DD card and a heartfelt note of gratitude. Winner!

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