Friday, April 8, 2011

helpful sites, part 2 - Cozi

Here's the second installment of 'helpful sites' for you.  It's a site that's new to me, so I'm still learning my way around, but thus far, I really like it.  Just so you know how good it is...I've let it replace my precious Phillies site as my home page!  (Now that's a big deal!)  The reason I did that is because then every time I start up my computer, pretty much everything I need to know for the day is right there...all in one nice, organized, paperless place!

The site is called Cozi.  It's a FREE online home-organizer.  And I'm very excited about it.  At my finger tips is my Calendar, my To-Do lists, my Shopping Lists, the time and more!!!  Like I said, I'm still working on customizing mine, but here's a glimpse of what it looks like right now...
(You can click on the picture to see it bigger to take a good look at it.) 

If I set it up with my family's emails, I can also use it to message them.  I'm an Outlook user for my email, contacts, etc., and rumor has it that it can sync with that (haven't tried it for myself yet).  There's also a cookbook you can use, great articles, and you can even add the local weather forecast to your page!  There's so many fun features I'm looking forward to figuring out, just as soon as I can grab some time.  And, for all you more-techy-than-me people, of course there's an app that lets you access all this from your stinkin' little iPhones, Droids, etc.  (Are you picking up on my phone-envy?) 

I'm a list lover.  I really am.  However, I'm also scatter-brained organizationally I regularly lose my lists.  And then I remake them.  But usually, til I remake them, I've forgotten half of what was on my list.  This handy-dandy site solves that issue for me.  I also forget appointments.  Like, doctor appointments, coffee with friends, taking meals to new mommies, and babysitting for others.  Yep, I have actually forgotten all those things.  I am a terrible friend, I know.  But I'm reforming, truly I am.  (The forgetting to take a meal thing was years ago...)  But having all of this pop up in front of my face first thing in the morning when I boot up will surely help me!  And I can color coordinate stuff...I love color coordinating!!  *clapping hands excitedly!!*

In my next post, I'll introduce you to my new friend, FlyLady.  She's actually the one that sent me over to Cozi to begin with!  But, I'm short on time (and like I said before, I gotta keep ya comin' back!) so for now, go check out Cozi and get yourself all organized.  I'll be back with the FlyLady soon!!

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