Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter kid quotes

Kids make holidays so much fun.  Here's two stories from my Easter day that still have me smiling.

Today at church our focus was pretty much on celebrating, and helping the kids to understand why we were celebrating.  We did an egg hunt (with candy-filled plastic eggs), and then we gathered the kids around to read a story explaining why we celebrated Easter.  I explained to the kids that just like we had looked for eggs, there were people in the story we were about to read that were looking for something too.  I told them to listen and see if they could tell me when we were done who was looking for something, and what they were looking for.  The answer of course, was the women looking for Jesus at the empty tomb.  What they found was a surprise...a risen Jesus instead of the dead one they initially went looking for.  And just as we went looking for the eggs, that we found a special surprise...candy IN the eggs.  Then we dialogued, and I had asked the kids to tell back to me what happened on Easter.  My most favorite answer was this one, from Aden:

"Jesus did two things when he died and rose again...he took away the sting bugs and also our sins."

I was thinking maybe he picked up on the taking away the 'sting of death' part; I think I heard later his mom said that it was from a conversation they had had about heaven, when there would be nothing bad...and to a 6 year old, stinging bugs are very, very bad.  :)

Then there was this conversation at dinner:

Kid 1: "Is God a 'thing'?"
Kid 2: "No, he's a person."
Kid 1: "No, he's a HOLY Spirit."
Kid 3: "But we are camels."
Kid 1: "What?!?!  We are camels??  Mom...are we camels?"
(I needed a minute to think about this one...)
Me to Kid 3: "Um, you mean we are mammals?"
Kid 3: "Oh yeah!!  Mammals!!"


Holly said...

I love that Jesus thought to take away the sting bugs, cause that's a big deal at our house too! That Jesus, He thinks of everything!!!! And I'm still cracking up about the camels thing! HYSTERICAL!!!

Kathy C. said...

aww... haha your kids are too cute! haha... camels...