Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since I know you've all be waiting with bated's the verdict on my lumpiness.

The forehead is supposedly just a 'dermatitis' - a skin issue of some sort.  The doc gave me a topical cream for it, and says it should clear it up in 3-4 days.  Oh, goody.

The neck lump he says is a clogged saliva glad.  Prescription - suck on lots of sour candy.  Hmmm.  As much as I like a prescription for candy, I'm a little skeptical.  We shall see!!


Zoanna said...

So glad it's nothing serious. I would have been thought the forehead lump was a spider bite. We have them nip us in the night and sometimes wake up w/ welts. Ew.

Sour Patch and Lemon Heads--can't beat candy for the Rx.

Anonymous said...



By the way, I was googling "lump on forehead," that's how I found your blog!