Friday, March 4, 2011


This calendar date always reminds me of my Grandpa.  He was a Navy man, and I remember him telling us many times, "I was even BORN on command!  Yep, they said March 'fourth', and I did!"  It always makes me smile to think of that every year on March 4.

I was very blessed to know all 4 of my grandparents, and have them around all the way to my adulthood.  My Grandma passed away about a year after Kaitlyn was born, but we had Grandpa until about 5-6 years ago.  My Grandmom also passed away just a few years ago, and my Grandpop is still with us, and he'll be 85 on May 23.  He and my Bryce share a birthday.  I have vivid and lasting memories of all my grandparents, and I appreciate the way they each shared their lives with us.  I also love the memory-filled mementos that I have of  each of them... Grandma's button tin (one of my most treasured possessions), Grandpa's desk, Grandmom's photo albums, and my dad's bronzed baby shoes (even though they were my dad's, my memories are of seeing them displayed at Grandmom's).
Even more than their things, though, I cherish the times with them and the stories they shared.  I feel like it gave me a sense of who I am, a heritage.  I even share those same stories, and funny sayings or phrases that have 'stuck', and love telling them, "Oh, I got that from Great-Grandma.  It's just part of our family."  I'm so glad that they took the time to tell us things, even things they might have said over and over, because, even though I'm sure neither of us realized it at the time, they were really giving us priceless gifts.  Those hours of sitting quietly with Grandpa while he worked on clocks in his shop, sewing with Grandma (and crying as she patiently tore out my mistakes), watching Lawrence Welk all just seemed like normal life - sometimes it even felt boring.  Boy, am I grateful now for every single 'boring' minute I had with them!  It helps me to realize the importance of passing on traditions and memories, and the importance of building a sense of family.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the best family secrets that I now employ!  It's the use of "The Code".  Just hearing the words still makes me giddy and giggly, just like when I heard them when I was little (even though I had no idea why they would say them, I eventually just knew what it I get it!):
"Ida Charlie Easy, Charlie Roger Easy Able Mary"
Music to my ears I tell ya....  Can ya figure out why??  Think on it, leave me a comment, and I'll let ya know the answer tomorrow.


Anonymous said... cream!!!!!

Anna said...

This made me so happy. I too love Ida Charlie Easy Charlie Roger Easy Able Mary, and use the saying regularly! What truly wonderful memories we have. And, I'm so excited to know that you have Grandma's button tin - Mom and I were just talking about that the other day and didn't know who got them!

Bets said...

Oops, was signed in as Anna again - you know that was me....

Anonymous said...

I remember Betsy saying that ice cream thing all the time! I had forgotten about it but that memory came back right away!! :)

Julie said...

I would have never gotten it if I hadn't seen the first comment! Way better than I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M. The kids caught on to that one really quick!